I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend.  I’m a runner and a skier.  I’m an introvert, but you’d never know it because my voice carries a long way.  I’m fiercely loyal and passionate about the things I focus on – and when I focus on something, I tend to go all in. I’m a hugger.  I love the feeling of meeting a client for the first time, and walking away at the end feeling like we’ve been lifetime friends. 

We all like a picture where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera.  It’s what we think we want framed on our walls.  What I’ve learned over years of sitting down with clients and many hours of looking at photos– what we really want is a photo that makes you smile back.  The ones you choose to frame are the ones that remind you of a moment in time – a stage in life.  As a mom – I know these are fleeting moments. 

My hope is to give you the gift that helps you remember those moments. That moment when your one-year-old gives you a nose-to-nose kiss, the bright smile that erupts after a belly laugh when you’ve tickled your son, the look your newborn gives you when she recognizes your voice. These are the moments I want to capture for you.  I‘ve always loved giving gifts…especially photos.  


Established in September 2007, annie g photography is a Seattle based portrait photographer who captures moments, life, and stories.  A blend of candid and lifestyle elements, each photo embraces the perfect imperfections that make each family unique and evokes feelings that are a true reflection of those in them.